As an alternative of switching to a fully portless iPhone, Apple would possibly at some point change the Lightning port with a magnetic connector very similar to the outdated MagSafe tech that used to look on MacBooks.

Patently Apple has noticed a brand new patent which was once granted to Apple by way of the United States Patent and Trademark Workplace remaining week, and which describes simply this sort of connector.

Patent 10,938,147 main points “a plurality of magnets aligned with a linear configuration of the plurality of spring-biased pin assemblies and configured to stay the touch construction involved with a corresponding receptacle connector”.

The connector is meant for use for each charging and knowledge switch, similar to Lightning, however is hooked up with magnets. The touch itself has the form of a horizontal cylinder, reduce alongside in order that it has a semicircular form from the facet.

There were rumours for a number of years of an iPhone that does not use a bodily connection in any respect (certainly one website reckons there is a portless model of the iPhone 13), however this could purpose numerous issues for each Apple and customers: wi-fi charging best, which continues to be inefficient in comparison to stressed and calls for new chargers whose manufacture leaves a mark at the surroundings; it is tougher to revive the device; it is tougher for builders to patch insects; and so forth.

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This text initially seemed on Macworld Sweden. Translation by way of David Value.