From as of late, the Flyaway can be one of the most equipment that incorporates any new Supersonic hairdryer bought in the United Kingdom. In case you’ve already were given a Supersonic, you’ll purchase it one by one for £30.

The Flyaway is contemporary from Dyson’s engineering division and it hides away flyaway hairs to come up with a smoother hairdo.

How the Flyaway works

Like Dyson’s Corrale hair straightener, the Flyaway software harnesses the Coanda impact to lend a hand taste your hair. The Coanda impact describes the best way {that a} flow of water or air sticks to a flat or a curved floor. Necessarily, the Coanda impact is the rationale that jugs have spouts; it is what makes your tea run down the facet of your mug while you attempt to pour it out.

The Flyaway is a semi-circular loop software that draws longer hairs to the entrance of your coiffure, whilst a 2nd jet of air pushes flyaway hairs away and beneath. Necessarily, it mimics what stylists do to clean your hair in a salon. 

Flyaway tool from front and side

For Afro hair: the huge enamel comb

In case you have Afro, curly or textured hair, the Flyaway software is not going to do a lot on your hair however you’ll purchase the huge enamel comb attachment for £30. It is going to assist you to to elongate, taste and form your hair. It is not to be had as one of the most integrated attachments at this degree, which turns out unfair because it implies that curly-haired other folks need to pay a top rate to taste their hair.  

Nonetheless, you have to save £60 by means of purchasing a refurbished Supersonic from Dyson, which can set you again £239.99. Upload the huge enamel comb in your basket and you might be nonetheless forward, price-wise. 

The best way to get the Flyaway attachment

The Supersonic prices £299.99 and is to be had from the Dyson website online or the Dyson Demo Retailer on Oxford Side road. It comes with 5 equipment and equipment, together with the brand new Flyaway attachment. 

Till now, the usual attachments that experience include the Supersonic are a styling concentrator, a smoothing nozzle, a diffuser, a gradual air attachment and a heatproof mat.

In case you already personal a Supersonic, you’ll purchase the Flyaway one by one from the Dyson website online, for £30. You’ll be able to see all to be had equipment and attachments at the website online.

The Supersonic is to be had in the USA from for $399.99.

To determine extra about what the Supersonic is like to make use of, you’ll learn our hands-on (and hair smoothed) overview. As a small spoiler, we awarded it 4.5 stars out of five.