Need a Snack or Phone Charger? Ask Your Uber Driver

Uber is partnering with Cargo to let drivers offer riders free samples and items for purchase in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Uber plans to expand it to other cities in the future.

Ever hop in an Uber and realize you totally forgot to bring your headphones, phone charger, or a snack? Your driver may be able to help.

Some drivers already offer things like water or gum to passengers on their own dime. But Uber today announced it's partnering with a company called Cargo to let drivers offer riders free samples and items for purchase. Drivers in San Francisco and Los Angeles can get a free Cargo box filled with snacks, small electronic accessories, personal care items, energy, and beauty products to place in the center console of their vehicles.

Riders scan a QR code, Snapcode, or visit cargo.menu to start shopping. "They shop, checkout, then the driver hands over the purchased items when it is safe to do so," Cargo wrote on its website.

Drivers earn $1 per order plus 25 percent commission on retail sales.

Uber said it plans to expand the partnership to other Cargo markets in the future, including New York City, Boston, Minneapolis, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Atlanta, and Dallas.

"You never quite know what you'll need when you're on the move," Uber's Keith Hensley wrote in a Thursday blog post. "An energy boost on your way to the big meeting, a phone charger when you're down to 7 percent, or a much-needed snack at the end of the night—your time in an Uber is sometimes the only chance you have to refuel and recharge."

In other Uber news, the app-based car service earlier this week introduced a feature called Spotlight designed to help drivers more easily locate riders. Uber is also now offering an "on-time guarantee" for scheduled rides. So, if you schedule a ride, and a driver doesn't arrive during the time period you selected, Uber will give you $10 off your next ride.

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