Russell Hobbs’ mains-powered mini coolers are a lighter and extra transportable selection to a mini-fridge. In addition they double as mini heaters.

Design & look

The mini coolers are available in two sizes: 4 litres and 14 litres. The 4 litre length will dangle six 330ml beverages cans. The 14 litre type, which we’re checking out, can dangle as much as 14 cans.

Within the better cooler, there’s a detachable shelf. Take it out and you’ll retailer full-size bottles of wine or water.

The coolers are available in two designs: Unfashionable and Scandi. They’re functionally the similar, each glossy, with an similar, curved form. They fluctuate simplest in relation to their colourway. The Unfashionable refrigerators are available in black or white, the Scandi fashions in black or gray, with wood-effect door- and elevate care for.

Cooler handle

Design-wise, they’re lovely relatively than refined and would slot in with a cool house administrative center, scholar room or bed room. As they arrive with an in automotive 12V DC adaptor, you’ll additionally use them on tenting journeys and picnics.

I’m checking out the 14l Scandi cooler in white. It measures 42.2 x 32.3 x 32.4cm. The wooden impact is relatively a hit, particularly when seen from a distance. I discovered that once the usage of it for some time, the door care for caught a little bit on opening. For the reason that equipment is not specifically heavy, I needed to dangle onto its most sensible so I didn’t drag it off the shelf when opening it.

Whilst you plug it in, the plug protrudes from the again, which is a little bit of a reminder that you simply’ll wish to depart a 10cm house across the equipment for airflow.


When it’s first switched on and set to chill mode, the applying is going into what the directions name, in deafening capitals, MAX COLD mode. What this may imply to you is that it’s beautiful noisy initially.

As soon as it will get going, it quietens down – even though it’s nonetheless audible, sounding so much like an never-ending sigh. And every time you open the cooler’s door, the noise degree ramps up once more for some time.

Cool with open door

Despite the fact that I mentioned the cooler could be to hand in a bed room, it could disrupt your sleep, relying to your tolerance for white noise. In the event you use a white noise generator, alternatively, you should simply kill two birds with one stone: put this via your mattress as an alternative and get up each morning to a chilly beverage or, should you’re the Patrick Bateman sort, a cooling eye masks.

If truth be told, Russell Hobbs does recommend you should use the coolers to retailer cosmetics. #Beautyfridges are certainly a factor, as Instagram will attest.

The jury continues to be out as as to whether you in truth wish to do that (the jury appears to be leaning rather closely against a no), however nonetheless, many of us swear via storing bottles of nail varnish within the refrigerator. And so long as no-one errors them for booze miniatures, have at it.

So, should you’re searching for a good looks refrigerator, the 4l model could be very a lot good looks refrigerator same old length and at £44.95 for the Unfashionable genre and £49.99 for the Scandi, it’s competitively priced. As they simply are available in black, white or gray, alternatively, they is probably not as Insta-friendly as one of the vital pastel-coloured devoted good looks refrigerators.

The cooler is in a position to cooling to 16-20°C beneath the room’s ambient temperature. The bottom temperature it might reach is round 5°C. This makes it fractionally hotter than a refrigerator.

What this implies is that, in a room inside of a typical temperature vary, it’ll stay your canned beverages completely chilly. Whilst we wouldn’t counsel storing meat or different in a similar fashion perishable meals in a single, the Russell Hobbs cooler can also be superb to retailer your snacks like chocolate and fruit.


On the other hand, the cooler isn’t only a cooler. It’s additionally a hotter, and that is the place issues get bizarre. We’ve spotted a couple of multifunctional home equipment lately, maximum particularly Haier’s InstaSwitch, which could be a refrigerator or a freezer, relying to your temper (or extra slightly, what meals it’s important to retailer).

However a cooler that’s additionally a hotter? I am not satisfied.

I got rid of the entire great chilly beverages I had saved in my take a look at equipment and flicked the transfer at the again from chilly to scorching.

The ready recreation started. When you select a atmosphere (both Sizzling or Chilly), you will have to then depart the applying for 4 hours to succeed in the proper temperature earlier than you get started storing meals inside of it.

The noise ramped up and so did my nervousness because the air across the equipment started to develop heat. By the way, in its warming mode, it’s noticeably louder. So, the usage of it for hot middle of the night snacks will not be splendid.  

When it had heated sufficiently, I opened it. I will’t let you know how aggravating it’s to open a refrigerator door and be greeted with a burst of scorching air. Your senses let you know that the applying is malfunctioning.

The bacterial ‘threat zone’ is between 8°C and 60°C. If meals is stored less warm than this, bacterial expansion is slowed or stopped. Hotter and so they’ll die off. The Russell Hobbs cooler will warmth as much as 65°C above the room’s ambient temperature, which must put it within the protected zone and keep away from the heat-lamp nightmare of meals poisoning.

Nevertheless, there’s no temperature gauge and no method to modify the temperature.

I’m additionally now not actually certain what you’d use the heating function for. It’s now not scorching sufficient to prepare dinner anything else and it takes an important period of time to succeed in its higher temperature.

On its web page, Russell Hobbs presentations the applying heaped with pasties, however undoubtedly it will be more straightforward to warmth those within the oven?

In the event you have been tenting, would you actually have your automotive engine operating for an hour so you should warmth up pasties? Are you going to serve heat pasties to visitors from a small refrigerator to your lounge?

Anyway, I attempted it out and whilst it does stay your meals heat, it’s now not steaming, piping scorching. It’s simply heat. Sure, you should use it to prevent your espresso and toast going chilly earlier than you had an opportunity to devour it (even though you’d need to decant your toast onto a saucer, as a facet plate received’t are compatible in) however that simply turns out like a huge waste of electrical energy.

Worth & availability

The coolers are to be had from quite a lot of shops, together with Amazon and the Russell Hobbs web page, that have the most productive value.

The 14l Scandi-style coolers are to be had in white and gray for £89.99. The similar length Unfashionable genre coolers price £84.99 and are available in black and white. 

The smaller, 4l coolers are available in the similar types and hues. The Scandi fashions price £49.99 and are available in white and gray, whilst the Unfashionable coolers are black or white and value £44.99. This pricing is consistent with cosmetics refrigerators.


If you are searching for a conveyable and flexible selection to a mini-fridge, Russell Hobbs’ cooler is a superb possibility. It would possibly not get as chilly as a refrigerator, so it is undoubtedly for beverages and snacks simplest. However it is gentle, simple to transport round and use.

The warming capability, alternatively, turns out like a atypical add-on and I could not discover a use for it all the way through checking out. In the end, I used to be reminded of the road from Jurassic Park: “Your scientists have been so preoccupied with whether or not or now not they might, they did not forestall to assume in the event that they must.”

For a beverages refrigerator possibility at the different finish of the spectrum, take a look at our overview of Haier’s sumptuous Wine Financial institution 50 Collection 7.


Russell Hobbs Moveable Mini Cooler & Hotter: Specifications


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