When weighing up the branding choices for this 12 months’s new iPhone release, Apple might want to take out of date superstition under consideration and avoid unfortunate quantity 13.

A brand new survey carried out via the trade-in website SellCell discovered that just about one in 5 respondents (18.3%) would refuse to shop for a brand new telephone from Apple if it carried the title “iPhone 13” just because they believe 13 to be an unfortunate quantity. And whilst they might not be triskaidekaphobic themselves, an astonishing 74% suppose Apple will have to make a choice a unique title.

The male segment of the tech-buying public appear to be greater than two times as superstitious as the feminine one: 24.9% of guys would decline to shop for as a result of the “13” title, whilst handiest 11.7% of ladies really feel the similar.

There are 3 major possible choices, if Apple certainly makes a decision to not cross with the iPhone 13 branding.

The person who’s gained probably the most consideration on this hearsay cycle is “iPhone 12s”, which some resources have already predicted would be the selected monicker. Alternating between full-version and S-branded updates is a longtime Apple custom, going again so far as the iPhone 3GS and lengthening to as not too long ago because the iPhone XS, however it carries the chance of implying to potential consumers that the brand new instrument is not a significant growth at the 12 months earlier than. Simply 13% of survey respondents mentioned that iPhone 12s used to be their favorite title.

An alternate answer, and the one who proved hottest within the survey with 38% approval, is to name the brand new style the “iPhone (2021)”. This is able to result in decrease gross sales after the flip of the 12 months, when it’ll instantly sound old-fashioned; however Apple has were given round this with its Macs and iPads via merely downplaying the 12 months a part of the branding. In impact, the brand new instrument might be branded as “iPhone”, with the 12 months handiest used sporadically for differentiation.

In spite of everything, Apple may just forget about the principles of strict maths and jump ahead to a better quantity. “iPhone 14” – which 7% of respondents supported – is a fairly sensible choice, with the precedent of a double bounce set via the iPhone X, which is pronounced “iPhone Ten” and got here three hundred and sixty five days after the iPhone 8. “iPhone 21”, which proved inexplicably well liked by 16% of survey votes and really a lot falls underneath the “technically right kind” faculty of numbering, is slightly much less so.

In spite of everything, alternatively, let’s needless to say Apple sells to an international marketplace, and that the quantity 13 is handiest regarded as unfortunate (and the quantity 7 fortunate) in positive portions of it. In Japan, as an example, the quantity 9 is regarded as unfortunate as a result of it will possibly sound just like the phrase for agony; in China the quantity 4 is have shyed away from as it sounds just like the phrase for dying. Apple will wish to take many elements under consideration when choosing the title for its subsequent telephone, and it will likely be criticised it doesn’t matter what it is going for.

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This newsletter at the beginning seemed on Macworld Sweden. Translation and further reporting via David Value.